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Australia’s Foremost Authority on Firewalking

Matt has become known for his innovative approach to showing people how they can obtain their optimal state of performance, a state of consciousness, where they feel and perform at their absolute best in all areas of their lives.

Matt has been consistently helping businesses and individuals to obtain the outcomes they want, through lifting and accelerating their performance levels, while creating measurable results.

This is done by focusing on the audiences’ ability to step outside of their comfort zone, and into the ultimate performance zone, known as the state of Flow. In doing this, we learn how to take calculated and constructive risks, respond proactively to fear and life’s challenges

Participants will gain the required tools to move forward, confronting the fears that stand in the way of their personal and professional performances.

Matt’s presentations are thought-provoking while being highly motivating and inspiring

Take the challenge, contact Matt today and get your team to step up to their ultimate performance levels.

For the past 4 year we have been a part of the Dare the Boss Challenge, to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute, facilitating session at Fox studios, and First Fleet Steps in Sydney


Our focus.

We have been presenting corporate motivational & dynamic team building events for over 15 years.

So if you are looking for something memorable, whether just a presentation or an extreme challenge, like firewalking, glasswalking or board breaking, then we can certainly assist you and these sessions are a talking point for years to come.


During this event audience will learn the strategies that all Peak Performers use and how they can apply these specific tools to all areas of their lives for immediate results. Audiences will be given a chance during the presentation, to walk barefoot across a bed of red-hot coals. The Firewalk is the ultimate physical metaphor for overcoming any of the challenges that we usually shrink away from in life. In learning how to walk unharmed across a bed of red-hot coals, you are really learning how to overcome the fear that has been holding you back from taking action. This is a great high energy team activity that can be done with small to large participant numbers

Glass Walking

In this presentation, audiences will learn to focus 100% on any given task, gain total commitment and learn to let go of limiting beliefs. This is a great activity for doing what you thought was impossible. During the presentation participants will be given to opportunity to walk barefoot across broken shards of glass. Their new found confidence will be drawn upon, again and again as pure inspiration! This is a perfect activity for teams with 50 or less members participating

Arrow Breaking

To snap the shaft of an arrow with your hands is pretty easy, but, to do it with the point at your throat is a little bit harder! Learn the power of a paradox, and see what is really possible to achieve. In this workshop, audiences will learn to focus 100% on any given task, gain total commitment and learn to let go of limiting beliefs. This is a great activity for doing what you thought was impossible. High energy team activity that can be done with small to large participant numbers

Board Breaking

This activity has been around for many centuries, practised by martial arts experts as a test of skill and strength. The board breaking process has been adapted to show everyday people how to break through the barriers that are holding them back from achieving their goals. In this workshop, audiences will learn to focus 100% on any given task, gain total commitment and learn to let go of limiting beliefs. This is a great activity for doing what you thought was impossible. Their new found confidence will be drawn upon, again and again as pure inspiration! Every participant will get to keep their broken board to prove they can break through their obstacles! High energy team activity that can be done with small to large participant numbers

Check out the video of one of the Dare The Boss Challenges

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How Does This Work

Matt will look at what your group is aiming to achieve from the session and tailor the presentation to your groups outcomes. 

So, whether it is launching a new product, going through a business change/change management, or the challenge of meeting new targets, the neurological stresses that come from these challenges are all the same. 

Through the lead up session to being able to participate in one of the challenges, will show you how you can manage the stress and fear of this on a daily basis, therefore being able to perform at your best.


Getting Set Up
Get this Fire Started
Well Alight Now
1, 2, 3, Go

Optimal Performance Strategy

As with all of our challenges, they are designed to have you experience being in your Optimal Performance State, where we feel and preform at our best.

It is when in this mindset that all aspects of performance both Physical and Mental go through the roof. All skills that will assist you in all areas of your life being personal and professional.


Super fast

Learning to be super focused and paying laser like attention to the task at hand is one of the skills, a skill that can assist you to increase your ability for data acquisition.


The Balance Between Skill and Challenge

You know that the activity is feasible, and you have the skills to complete the task successfully and skillfully


All Locations

No matter the location we are able to set up the challenges for you, Roof tops, Hotel Balconies, Bowling greens, we set up pack up and would never know there was a firewalk there



What other people say about their experience

Ricoh testimonial April 2019 Pier 1 Sydney

“When I first went to Canterbury, I saw Terry Lamb and Steve Folkes firewalk in front of the players, they both played for Australia, I thought WOW if they can do that we can do anything!” Jarrod McCracken, NZ Rugby League Captain
Jarrod McCracken
NZ Rugby League Captain
"There was no pain involved in the walk I concentrated and put all other thoughts out of my mind, it was pretty hot, after watching Terry Lamb do it earlier I wasn’t really concerned about being burnt." Steve Folkes
Steve Folkes
Rugby League Coach
"Matt is one of the most congruent people I have ever met. He walks his talk and talks his walk. He can guide you to overcome your fears today and forever. Matt Brady is one of my heroes." Daniel Neuville, Peak Performance Coach and F.I.R.E Instructor, Michigan, USA
Daniel Neuville
Peak Performance Coach
“The firewalk has changed my life forever, IT WAS GREAT. I now have that mind/ body connection and the belief that anything I put my mind to is possible”  Liza Choa.
Liza Choa
Business Owner
"I first met Matt a few years ago as we were both doing some work with the Parramatta Eels. From the moment I learned he was involved with Firewalking I knew this was something I had to do. I was fortunate enough to participate in an event with a group of up and coming Entrepreneurs in January 2019 and what an unbelievable experience. Prior to the actual firewalk Matt prepared the group and their belief that you can achieve whatever you want if you believe it. Totally captivated a room of highly motivated young achievers. An experience I would do again in a heart beat"
Wayne Smith
Success Coach
Matts methods, message and principals fit with my mantra of the mind can achieve what is possible
Commando Steve Willis, Sydney Australia
Personal Trainer, Author, Television Personality
Matt's ability to motivate one when there is want but not the will with his creative ideas at making you work harder than you want is his greatest asset. The saddest thing he does it without you knowing, which gives him the ability to get you beyond your best.
Ray Borg
Senior Business Manager, Leadership Coachager, Leadership Coach a
Working with Matt is a truly memorable experience. The experience and insights he brings to the table in terms of personal development, physical development and success mindset development is something you can't find anywhere else in Australia. Matt is an expert in helping people break through mental and physical barriers to unlock the real potential we all have inside of us...
Jeff Yang
Social Gen
I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for several years, and have used on his services on several occasions. Matt's involvement was instrumental to the success of all the workshops and seminars we hired him for. Matt's personable nature, and integrity makes him a person you always want to have on your team. Matt goes above and beyond the call of duty to always add extra value and goes out of his way to collaborate
Jessica Hartono
Co Founder/owner RE online Marketing, Indonesia
"The firewalk was probably the scariest thing I have ever had to overcome, I just want to thank you guys for giving me the tools that I can use for this and anything else that I find challenging." 
Phil Morgan

Michael Cho, Marketing Manager Asia Pacific Rockport Company, Thailand

Excellent motivational Video, Exciting & challenging doing the Glasswalk, definitely helps build confidence & power to over come the fear!

2 DayFM Breakfast Crew Sydney 2014

Was an amazing challenge thanks Matt, Sophie Monk

It Was Fun! Merrick Watts


Why Select Us?

For almost 2 decades individuals and major corporations alike have hired Matt to facilitate these sessions.

All Locations

Matt has facilitated these from Balconies, roof tops, Bowling Greens even Manly Wharf, If we can get the permit to use the location we can do it there

All Team Sizes

No team or group is too big or small, Matt can and has done 1 on 1 sessions through to 500 plus participants.

Commercial Radio & TV Networks

Matt has facilitated these sessions on nearly all major commercial networks, and TV programs, Biggest Loser, Today, Triple M and many more.


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